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Greek Loco


It is cultivated in Central Greece, on the outskirts of ancient Tanagra. The earthy tones, the sea breeze and the special microclimate of the area in excellent taste experience. Sweet, fragrant with biscuit aroma and orange-citrus shades.

Available in packages of 1-2-3 gr.

Kalamata haze


The aroma of the Peloponnese comes from special greenhouse cultivation. High CBD concentration with aftertaste and odour of ripe fruits and pineapple….a taste that will be unforgettable.

Available in packages of 1-2-3 gr.

Love haze


This unique variety is an anthem of the Peloponnese’s aroma.

High CBD concentration with the aftertaste and sweet aroma with citrus shades which will pleasantly surprise your taste buds…

 Available in packages of 1-2-3 gr.